Your creative, he’s creative, we’re all creative…

Creativity lays inside each of us. However, it is often creative thinking is concealed by piles of routine, responsibility and professionalism. Sometimes creativity can be dimmed by criticism or neglect. Fortunately, you can always reawaken your dormant creativity. Being more creative will provide you with inspiration for new ideas. It will expose you to strategies and insights which will bring back the spark into your life. Here are some tips to inspire creative thinking.

Recognize your creativity

Everyone can be creative as long as they believe in their potential and want to give it a try. Creativity allows you to know yourself better and create balance in your life. If you think along this line, you will be better placed to harness your creativity.

Change your perspective

Thinking outside the box is critical in sparking creativity as it allows you see every situation from a different point of view. Changing your perspective involves approaching problems and challenges by breaking them down into many elements and then finding solutions for each element. This method removes you from any fixations that may hinder creativity.

Shift your mental focus

Mentally detach yourself from your current position and try to focus on how the problem may appear when located elsewhere. Try to see how another person would react when faced with the same situation. From there, find a solution to your current problem.

Embrace imagination

Look at a problem, a thought, a suggestion, an idea and let your imagination run wild. Minimize and maximize all the outcomes in your mind. Instead of just sitting there and hoping that ideas would appear, exercise your thinking with strategies aimed at awakening the creativity.

Play with abandon

Focusing on work without play can dim creative thinking. Creativity is like a spring that needs continuous nourishing. This nourishing includes play, such as playing with your kids and dogs, attending sport events, dancing and making laughter a part of your everyday life.

Engage in artistic activities

When you immerse yourself into the artistic activities, your self-expression reigns and your innermost feelings and thoughts find their outlet. Artistic activities can really inspire your creativity, so try out different artistic pursuits, such as photography, drawing, painting, designing, drawing, making crafts, sculpting, singing, dancing, writing, etc.

Find your thinking spot

Find a comfort spot that you always like – it may be a desk, a place in your garden or a rock near the sea. It should be a quiet place where you can sit, think and let the fires of imagination loose.

Take your time

Hurrying does not promote the free outflow of ideas and so take your time and don’t rush creativity. The mind tends to go into a state of disarray when you try to force things. Sometimes the best way to reawaken your creative thinking is to simply let ideas percolate over time.

Soak up solitude

Highly creative people are comfortable around themselves and that is the habit you need to adapt for ultimate creativity. Use this time to recharge your mind and enjoy your own company.

Brain storm

After you have soaked up in solitude, communicate your problems and ideas to others. Reaching out to others gives you a different view of the situation and inspire your creative thinking.
These tips can work wonders in inspiring your creativity. Try to move away from distractions and focus on things that promote your creativity.

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