Web Development


Whether you have a start-up just getting off the ground or you run an established business with a track record of clients it is imperative to stay on top of the latest technologies and have a high converting website. Matrix Video can help guide you through the involved process of getting your website right. There are many aspects of a “Great” website, here are just a few:

  • Website Design  (Research, User Experience, Typography, Landing Pages and more).
  • Website Development (Correct Platform, Optimized Navigation Elements, Page Speed and Conversion Tools to capture sales and user information).
  • Integration – Do you have new components that you want added to your site (Videos perhaps) Matrix can easily integrate most 3rd party components into your existing site seamlessly.
  • Marketing  (SEO, SEM, Google AdWords(PPC), Email Marketing and more.
  • Analysis  (Google Analytics, Heat Maps, User Support and surveys).

Matrix Video will take your concept and build a “Best in class” website that gets noticed, drives traffic and converts.  We design and build websites from scratch, enhance existing sites for optimization and rebuild your brand completely.  Matrix is your full service web development solution.


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