Video Storytelling Rules

Video Storytelling Rules

Video is a great way to engage with people because it’s visual, easy to digest, and available and shareable across all channels. It’s also one of the greatest ways to truly execute on the constant demand to tell stories – both about your end users and your brand.

Here are 4 storytelling rules for the video marketer, with a few examples of videos that take the cake for great storytelling!

  1. Don’t be vain

Carly Simon said it best: this song is not about you. Effectively engaging video content is about the goals, problems, and shared interests of your audiences and community. We build connections and relationships with content that delights, educates, and compels people to take action. Use video to profile your end users, their solutions to common problems, and if you’ve got to inject your brand into it, focus on the use case. It’s customer first!

  1. Keep it contextual

Borrow basic journalism principles (who, what, why, where, when, and how) to convey that your content is centered on its consumers and their interests, as well as the information and changes that affect them in their everyday roles.

  1. Find your format

What’s your company’s signature? If it makes sense for your business, consider a video series to consistently engage with your audience and allow them to come back for more insights.

  1. Make corporate compelling

Some organizations have more flexibility than others when it comes to the vibrancy and “color’” of your video marketing. It can be difficult to step outside corporate parameters with limiting marketing realities. But you can easily leverage your social media channels, customer communities, and blogs to create more personalized corporate communications and spread your own word.

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