Keys to a Successful Website

Keys to a Successful Website

In order to have a successful website it is important that you keep a constant eye on the numbers. One of these numbers includes the click-through rate. This rate is important as it measures how well your marketing campaign is working. If you notice that this rate is decreasing or at a stand-still, you can increase it by using a custom video landing page


Why Use a Video Landing Page

The video landing page is where you can show the viewer what your product is or which service you offer. This is your place to persuade them into doing business with you. Videos are an excellent tool for this purpose, because they are interesting and people prefer them over reading text. This goes for both their entertainment purposes and their business needs.


How Much Increase You Can Expect

As more people watch your videos, you will see the click-through rate increase as well. In fact, ReelSeo stated that the click through rates for videos in a universal search resulted in a 41% increase. In addition, SearchEngineWatch stated that video landing pages generated 4 to 7 times more response and engagement. That is quite an increase and you can get these same results when you add a custom video landing page template to your site.


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