Increase Your Marketing Funnel

Add Video To Homepage To Increase Your Marketing Funnel

There are several elements needed in order to make your marketing funnel successful. Each step must be carefully planned out, from the beginning of your funnel where people are attracted to your company to the end where they become your customer. A great place to focus your efforts is on your website.

Gain Viewer Interest

Step one of your marketing funnel is gaining the interest of consumers. A website with text and images does the trick, but it is not nearly as effective as one with a video. People are naturally drawn to videos out of curiosity. Therefore, by placing a video on your homepage the visitor’s attention will be instantly captured upon entering the site. This interest will then lead them to watch the video to see what it is all about.

Enhance Your Website

Add video to homepage and you will instantly enhance your website. When you do so, be sure to pick a good video player. There are many players that you can choose from to fit your exact needs. You can choose a pre-designed one or customize your own. With a custom video player, you can make it match the look of your website by changing the skin, layout and design. Furthermore, there are many options available that will add to the viewer’s experience. When you enhance your homepage with video, not only will you attract new visitors, but you will also keep the interest of existing customers.

 Lengthen Time on Site

Once you have successfully obtained the viewer’s attention, the next goal is to keep it. There are many interactive applications that you can add to your video that will engage the viewer and keep them interested longer. You can add a drop down box where they can gather additional information, a slide out box where they can link to other videos or a “sign-up” now button that will take them to the next step. With each application you add to your video, you increase the visitor’s time on your site. This is crucial, because those who spend more time on your site are usually the same ones who become customers.

Increased Sharing

If you want the world to know about your company then video is definitely the way to go. When you add video to homepage, people will be more apt to share your website, knowing that their friends will likely enjoy the video as well. As they share your video on various social networking sites such as Facebook and Google+ it will include a link directing the viewer back to your website. Since millions of people log onto these social platforms every day, you can expect a substantial increase in traffic to your website.

Specified Call to Action

The most effective way of gaining customers is by making the process simple and hassle free for them. This is why your call to action should be obvious and straight forward. The best way to accomplish this is to add video to homepage. Instead of searching around on your website for which step to take next, the video will guide the viewer to the next step using carefully placed prompts and links. On the video you can embed a link or pop-out box to lead the viewer to a form where they can register for services, contact you or to finalize a purchase.

Add video to homepage today and you will certainly see an increase in your marketing funnel. There is a lot of competition out there, but with this excellent tool you can shine above them. What are you currently doing to improve your marketing funnel?

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