How to optimize video for mobile

How to optimize video for mobile

Optimizing your video marketing for mobile.

  1. Make sure your video file is the right format. You’ll need to encode your video to a mobile friendly format (mp4 H.264)
  2. Use a HTML5 Video Player HTML5 is the latest version of HTML, the standard language for structuring and presenting information on websites. It differs from HTML4 in that it brings better multimedia functionality. Previously, for your videos to play, plugins like Flash would be required. Since the dawn of HTML5, though, such plugins are no longer required. Because of the extra functionality of HTML5, Apple and the Android manufacturers made the move to drop support for the Flash Plugin on their mobile devices. This means that you’ll need a HTML5 Player if you want your video to play on devices where Flash isn’t present (like the iPad and iPhone).

The Internet Retailing article shows, there’s really no doubt about it, brands need to place more emphasis on their mobile strategies. Creating and optimizing mobile content needs to be a priority.

Using videos in your content marketing? Now is the time to get ready for mobile.

And if you don’t?

Well, the Internet Retailing article says it best…

“Providing content that isn’t optimized for any or all of the difference devices that your target audience is using to browse your site is quite literally throwing money – and customers – away.”

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