Hiring a Video Production Company

Be open to ideas

A lot of production agencies have pumped out some amazing content – and they play a significant role in getting initial buy-in from other major brands. That said, they likely have some experience and know-how to share – so be willing to leverage that! Your firm understanding of why you’re making a video must also allow for open-mindedness and creative collaboration.

Think outside the box – er, video

Consider how you’re planning to share your video. How can you leverage a production team to amp up this video’s life on social? Perhaps they can cut a quick Instagram video to ensure you’re effectively using multiple platforms, or pull some behind-the-scenes stills to share across your social channels to supplement existing content (thus giving your content a longer shelf life). Brainstorm with your agency what extra content might make a difference and that way they’ll know it’s an expectation to capture these moments and assets.

Understand your budget

The question of budget is usually the second question you’ll be asked after “when is it due?” It’s crucial to have an idea of what you want to/can spend on a video production and let your production team show you what a project within that budget could look like. For example, here’s a look at the different budget ranges we’ve worked within and what those final pieces looked like. This levels expectations for both parties and cuts down on the back and forth in the initial stages.
As with anything, getting started is often the hardest part – but once you take that initial step toward outsourcing your video production work, hopefully these five tips help make the process as seamless as possible. Happy filming!

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