Engagement & Attention Span

Engagement & Attention Span


Get Attention Quick

Getting someone to click play on a video is only half the battle. If they drop off mere seconds later, then they haven’t been exposed to the video’s primary message. That’s why it’s important to look at engagement rates to understand how well a piece of content is holding the attention of its target audience. Be mindful that some drop-off in audience from the start to end of a video is normal. But audience retention significantly depends on the length of the video and content.

Unsurprisingly, the shorter the video, the larger percentage of the audience is left at the end. For example, a video less than 90 seconds in length sees an average retention at the end of 53% compared to a video over 30 minutes that retains only 10% of its audience.

A significant portion of the drop-off in engagement for all length of videos happens in the first 10% of the video independent of the actual length. This is generally understood to be a result of viewers either self-selecting once they know more about the video content, or expressing disinterest or dissatisfaction in the content. In other words, these dropped viewers are either not qualified for the content or the video itself failed to hold their attention.

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