Desktop vs. Mobile


While the use of mobile is certainly on the rise, consumption of business-related video content is still predominantly taking place on desktop browsers.

While businesses still need to cater to all device types and screen sizes, there is more flexibility to take advantage of desktop features like larger screens and more advanced browsers to build more compelling experiences like interactive video or in form videos

Browser Type

When viewers are consuming video content, which browsers are they using? Chrome definitely takes the cake on this one, with Internet Explorer coming in second, Firefox third and Safari 4th.

That probably doesn’t surprise anyone, though, as these stats aren’t far off of general browser adoption trends.

But it does come with an important reminder:
businesses need to continue optimizing video experiences for all browsers to ensure no one misses out on consuming key content. It’s important to adopt a video player that supports the variety of browsers including older versions that can handle both HTML5 and Flash playback.

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