email marketing

E-Mail Marketing Recommendations

Make sure your email marketing is mobile friendly, segment it, and use it for referrals There are many ways you can market your small retail or e-commerce business, good old-fashioned email is still the No. 1 driver of both customer acquisition and retention for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) in this industry. According to the[…]

browser types for video

Desktop vs. Mobile

DESKTOP VS. MOBILE While the use of mobile is certainly on the rise, consumption of business-related video content is still predominantly taking place on desktop browsers. While businesses still need to cater to all device types and screen sizes, there is more flexibility to take advantage of desktop features like larger screens and more advanced browsers to build more compelling[…]

Your creative, he’s creative, we’re all creative…

Creativity lays inside each of us. However, it is often creative thinking is concealed by piles of routine, responsibility and professionalism. Sometimes creativity can be dimmed by criticism or neglect. Fortunately, you can always reawaken your dormant creativity. Being more creative will provide you with inspiration for new ideas. It will expose you to strategies[…]