5 practical tips on how to start using online video

 Here are 5 practical tips on how to start using online video:


  1. Start doing it. Now!

There are many reasons to hesitate and not start. I don’t know where to start… Who’s going to do the presentation? Are we going to make a product film or a corporate film? How much budget should we spend on it? We have too many products to show in one video. We’d like to do it ourselves but we don’t have the experience. What kind of style should we choose? Should we use professional actors? Is animation or live action the best format?

Often the start is the hardest part. Simple videos can be produced by anyone using a handycam or even a smartphone, but for more complex productions it makes sense to hire the expertise of a professional video production company with experience in the kind of video you would like to produce. By choosing a certain style, quality and the budget you spend on it, you’ll obviously display a certain image of your company.

As always, high quality will definitely make an impression. An ideal web video is short, informative and to the point. There are dozens of possibilities to use online video. Here are a number of suggestions: product presentations, interviews with the staff and with experts, a tour of the company, an explanation video on how a certain product works, or a client testimonial .


  1. Choose the company’s spokesperson

A web video has a bigger chance of becoming successful if it has personality. Somebody should become the face of your company. It can be one of the staff, preferably someone who’s warm and sympathetic, someone who displays confidence and who talks with plenty of tips and knowledge about your product or services.

Or you can work with a variety of people for different products. If there’s a person who’s very proud of the company, that could be the right person for the video! For certain services or products, it may be best to work with actors or models.


  1. Be authentic and honest

The power of video relies on the potential of creating an emotional connection with clients. Communicate with your clients in a direct and confidential manner; talk to the video as you would talk to a good friend. The context can be compared to a private conversation, such as with your partner or kids, where you explain what the properties and advantages are of your product or service.

Don’t use too much business jargon and keep it comprehensible and easy to understand for everyone. The goal is to create engagement from your audience. If it’s done in a correct and authentic way, people will be more inclined to forward the videos and share them via social media, they’ll purchase a lot faster, and they will recommend your products or services to friends and family.


  1. Boost your videos

Create a campaign. Think further than just one video. Think long term. In order to reach more people and obtain more visibility it’s in your benefit to create and distribute video content on a regular basis. By doing so, video will strengthen your brand.

Always make sure there’s a call to action included in your video. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage the viewer while he’s watching your content. Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter, invite them to leave a comment, or show them there’s something interesting to see or read on your site or blog. The simplest and most effective method to incite them to take action is by making the video interactive.

Don’t make it a sales pitch. Video doesn’t replace a salesperson. Use video to inform your audience, to show them a product or service, or to solve a problem. Provide valuable information via the video so that you become THE reference in your domain.


  1. Spread the video as much as possible

Creating a video can feel initially like it keeps you away from your actual work.

This is certainly not the case. The power of video is exactly that it will end up in more conversions, more leads, and eventually more sales. Exactly as with other forms of content marketing it’s of the utmost importance to distribute a constant stream of information on a regular basis. Do you have a new product, a new collection, a new service, a more efficient helpdesk, or did you recently finish a successful project? Share it online via video on social media.

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